One afternoon in Shinagawa

It was on the first week of April that Danny decided to take me to one of his client’s building which is located in Shinagawa. You can see that Shinagawa station is one of the city’s most on the go stations. The moment I got load of the station, I was impressed by its architecture aside from its neatness. The array of briskly pacing heads of different walks of life welcomed me and I certainly thought that I was in a different place for real.


I took notice of the hovering buildings which made me more amused by Japan. Not only that, amidst the sky-scraping constructions are the trees standing tall and free. Thus I could still breathe in some fresh air of nature.

In Shinagawa lies the well-known high-reaching building of Sony. It’s the main office and the largest in the country which happens to be one of the hubby’s clients. Lucky me for having the privilege to pop in the premises. I previously owned a Sony smartphone and never did I imagine myself roaming around its site for real.

Sony in Shinagawa

While Danny left me behind for his meeting with the Sony staff, I took that one chance to leave no stone unturned in such limited time.

Sony in Shinagawa

On the first floor, you can eye not too many of Sony’s proudly exhibited inventions. I quite enjoyed viewing and playing around with each of them. If ever one wants to take a break, a cafe within the area is the place to be as unintentionally captured in this photo. It didn’t take a while for me to opt for a walk outside Sony to satisfy the snoopy bug in my head. 😄 The cold breeze of spring didn’t give me a hard time in any way.

Much to my delight, this enticing range of vision made its appearance as I made a turn after 3 or 4 blocks as far as the memory is concerned.

cherry blossoms in Shinagawa
Oh sakura! How lovely you are!^^

This was another dream come true. I let time pass as I gazed at the cherry blossoms in admiration. 😍 Thing is, it made my visit worthwhile.

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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  1. I’ve always loved the idea of visiting Japan. I wish I can go once there. The welcoming, generous, hard working people of Japan have always inspired me to be a good human. I feel glad getting a sneak peek of Japan through your posts. Thank you for this. I liked it, specially the cherry blossom.

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