Sneak a look at Ikebukuro!

Are you a shopping zealot? Or an electronic/gadget buff? I suggest you head to one of the large zestful districts in Japan. Extravagant department stores and fashion buildings are well established in Ikebukuro. Not only can you get high on a shopping spree but you also can dig in the latest gadgets and gizmos in substantial consumer electronic superstores found in every corner of Ikebukuro. And hey this district can also gratify your gourmet needs!

Since the hubby’s office is located somewhere in this bustling district, my chance for visiting isn’t rock-bottom. I’m proud to say that I can get there on my own now despite the confusion I get every time I arrive at Ikebukuro station.  Not to mention my lack of sense of direction. 😀 Finding my way out is always a challenge to me. 😀

The first time I got there was of course accompanied by Danny. I was taken aback how high and colorful the buildings were and how a lot of people were present at the time. Also saw a bunch of foreigners which made me smile. It’s always good to know that you’re not the only fresh off the boat. Another thing that made me beam was the sight of these familiar stores.

7 eleven, uniqlo in Ikebukuro
Feels like in Cebu! 😀

I only had a little tour around Danny’s office. I might go there again to visit its popular attractions. 🙂 Of course, he didn’t fail to feed my hungry tummy before leaving. So he took me to another Korean restaurant known for its authenticity run by ajummas. We feasted upon a hearty Korean dinner and soon went back home.

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