The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum

You might have heard the term bonsai or have even seen those midget living creatures many times in some time of your life, but have you ever wondered how they are put to existence? Ask me and I’d plainly say a big yes! 😀 I’ve lived a life with an inquisitive bug in my head. You too? Great! 😀

Would you believe that there’s actually a bonsai art museum just a few minutes away from Saitama Municipal Cartoon Art Museum? Altogether, we hit 2 birds with one stone on that day. 😀 Only took us a few minutes to get there. You see, it was a whole day of fun and learning. ^_^

Let me briefly acquaint you with this pretty interesting museum.

railway line in Omiya
Here comes the train!!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that you have to first cross this railway line on your way to the two museums. 😀 Isn’t it eye-popping? 😀

The Omiya Bonsai Village

If you think you aren’t sure which way to go, fret not! In almost every corner, a guide map like this will be of use.

Little did we realize that these museums are stationed in a placid bonsai village. So our eyes were already delighted to see these magical miniature trees along the corner. My admiration goes to the adept gardeners in the Meiji period. ❤

The Omiya Bonsai Village
A work of art that’s been handed down from generation to generation. 👏👏

I’m not just knowledgeable about the kinds/names of these trees. On the other hand, I’m in all respects blown away by the sight of this work of art. How possible is that?

Well, my thirst for knowledge had been quenched as soon as the hubby and I set foot in the world of scaled-down woods. 🌴

Unfortunate as it may be but photography in the area is strictly prohibited except for one place. But I’m not gonna show my photos of that area here. This serves as an encouragement for you to go there. No spoiler here for today! Haha!



2-24-3 Toro-cho, Kita Ward, Saitama City, Saitama, 331-0804

Access by train:

5 minutes walk from the East Exit of Toro station on the JR Utsunomiya line.
10 minutes walk from Omiya Kouen station on the Toubu Noda line.



9:00-16:30 during March-October
9:00-16:00 during November-February
*Last admission 30 minutes before closing


Thursday (except for National Holiday)
Closed on December 29 – January 3.
*Temporary close during exhibition preparation.

Admission fee:

Adult : 300 (200) yen
High school/University students and persons over 65 : 150 (100) yen
Elementary School and Junior High School student : 100 yen ( 50 yen)
*Admission is half price for a person with a disability certificate and accompanying person.
*Figures in parentheses are individual fees for groups of 20 or more visitors.

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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