Godzilla in Shinjuku

Almost a week after my arrival in The Land of the Rising Sun, the craving for Korean dishes got me. With no particular reason, my silly mouth was hankering for Korean food despite the fact that my physique is in Japan not in Korea. Ergo, my cooperative husband took me to a place known for its quite prevalent number of authentic Korean restaurants.

Our previous “mansion” (Japanese term for condo) was in Kawaguchi City where getting to Shinjuku wasn’t that far. I have become to string along with the railway system here no matter how complex it gets sometimes. That’s when the Google maps app comes in handy. 🙂

I recount it was drizzling by the time we hit town. Since it was in the mid of March, chilly winds would embrace me a lot especially when Mr. Sun took his rests. Nevertheless, such conditions didn’t stop me from gratifying my yearning.

You might wonder where the people are in this photo.. They were on the other sides of the streets. 😀

Took a walk for a couple of minutes before heading to the Korean restaurant that Dohyoung (a.k.a. Danny) wanted to take me. The sight of the crowd walking, eating, cycling, driving, wearing stylish outfits and the like parted me with a little amusement. I like observing living creatures anyhow. This makes me daydream about myself becoming someone who I am not and eventually, train of thoughts will come running through my head.

On spur of moment, my pie in the sky scene was cleverly cut out by Danny. He was excited to let me see something in the midst of walking. To my awe, the thing that scared me back when I was young appeared right before my very eyes. Nope, I didn’t scream. I’m old enough now. Haha!

Godzillaaaaaa! How on earth you’re up there?

Who could forget this gigantic creature? The idea of putting Godzilla up there is just so creative. Considering Shinjuku as one of the cities with rampant skyscrapers. But why in Shinjuku among other cities? Please don’t throw that question at me. Haha! Let’s do the research together, shall we? 😀

Lookie! Who do we have here?

After my short gaze of Godzilla, we did a zippy stroll to the restaurant. As much as I want to call to mind the name of the restaurant, pardon me I just can’t right now. Worry not! I  bet the lion’s share of the Korean diners here are of good reviews. I suggest you explore Shinjuku and see it for yourself.

탕수유 (tangsuyu)
탕수유 (tangsuyu)

My first time to try this. Man, it was so tasty! This is a fried pork dish poured with mixed flavors of sweet and sour sauce.

This one below is one of my favorite Korean dishes. Oh my, I could gobble this up everyday! ^_^

짜짱면 (jjajjangmyeon)
짜짱면 (jjajjangmyeon)

We headed back home with big smiles painted on our just-have-eaten-yummy-dishes looking faces. 😀

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