Entering Japan: Facing the PH Immigration

When traveling abroad from the Philippines, Filipinos have one common ground. Yes, you got it right! That is when passing through immigration. As you may know, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration has duly implemented strict guidelines for Filipinos leaving the country. The said categorical rules were forged due to the increasing reports of human trafficking and illicit recruitment. As despairing as it can be, many still have the guts to engage such crimes, blaming their being poverty-stricken. Some would even do things out of line. For instance, they leave as tourists but will actually work in their destinations. I’ve met one like this. We were on the same flight to HK and without me asking her, she divulged about going to Saudi Arabia (from HK) to work. No wonder why she had a bulk of luggage and backpacks with her. So the implementation has led to the cynical reactions of people who want nothing but to wander. That includes me! 😀 Who wants to get offloaded anyway? Nobody, indeed! Such thing is one has to avoid come hell or high water. But hey they’re just doing it for the good sake of the countrymen.

I won’t be telling you tips on how to shun offloading, however I’ll disclose my experience with the immigration in Mactan Cebu International Airport for the second time around. This might shine the light and give you something to learn from one way or another.

The day finally came for me to kiss goodbye and fly to where my other half is. I got this river of fused emotions flowing through my body. Good thing it just sluggishly streamed.  My family saw the hubby and I off to the airport after a heavenly dinner. I revered every line of their faces thinking that seeing them again might be unknown to me. I can still recall how my mom looked like as tears ran down her blushed cheeks. Oh boy was I so heavyhearted knowing that I was the reason for those teardrops of blues. Still, I managed to hold back my tears. Didn’t want them to see me weep instead appeared hard as nails in front of them telling that I was strong enough to leave almost everything behind and be with the person I would spend the rest of my life with. Yet, it was a beautiful farewell.

Okay, enough with the drama! 😀 Here’s the thing.

As soon as Dohyoung and I headed for the immigration counter, my hands abruptly turned ice. Yeah I have to exaggerate it. lol I was that nervous. 😀 Blame my first experience with them. (Kindly read it here.) Dohyoung passed through without a hitch. Then there was my turn. These things I prepared as they were supposed to be checked:

  1. my valid passport (with the Certificate of Eligibility and Japan visa)
  2. exit form
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Guidance and Counseling Certificate issued by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas
  5. Plane ticket and boarding pass

The officer at the time was a lady and I was a little relieved. After going through my passport, plane ticket, and exit form, to my surprise she only asked me this:

“Are you leaving with your husband?”

And much more to my surprise, 3 and 4 were not checked. Not even asked for them. I was a little puzzled. Even reckoned she must have forgotten to check them and a bit worried I could be called back anytime before our flight. The husband was there to ease my worries and somehow reassured me. Boarding time was on and yes, I was wholly free to fly.

This is the reason why giving you tips is something I won’t tender. I for one know nothing about the officers’ standard way of inspecting every traveler. I’ve faced them twice but the experiences were at variance. This goes to show that…hmm..can you put it for me? 😀

Anyway, let me leave you with this article by the PH Immigration itself clearing up this offloading matter of contention.

One more thing, just come ready no matter what! 😉




Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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  1. Having seen the number of OFW’s in SIngapore, Thailand and Rome, is that how impoverished the Philippines is that the government cannot provide jobs for its people? Or is it just the “hype”of being able to go overseas that drives so many to leave the country no matter what because their neighbours are overseas too?


  2. Until now, I can see my mom’s sad face when it was time for me to say goodbye. My nephew na mahal na mahal ko sobra sinigurado namin na tulog sya para di nya ako makitang umalis at mag-iiyakan kami. 10 years later masakit parin ang dibdib ko. Parang kahapon eh.


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