Tokyo Joe

Japanese cuisine has always been exemplary in my eyes. Not to mention its health perks. When it comes to food, I see to it that it should be healthy as much as possible. Yet, I can’t seem to tell if it’s flourishing or not when it looks enticing. 😀

Anyway, here’s another food encounter that I’d love to share. There’s no need for you to fly to Japan to get a taste of its dishes. Perhaps close to authenticity. 😀

By the name itself, one can tell that this restaurant offers Japanese eats.

Tokyo Joe

I stumbled on one branch located at SM City Cebu, lower ground (LG). [Mall hours]

I was with my lil’ sis and we ordered the same dish. Both were hungry after shopping for bags. 😀 In the time of waiting for our food, I could notice these paintings on the walls that made me feel like I was in Japan.

Tokyo Joe
From animes to famous Japanese temples!

Here’s our Bento!

Tokyo Joe
A sumo-loaded bento with fresh Kani side salad, full-flavored beef misono, and crusty Ebi tempura. [ PHP295.00 ]

Rating: ♦♦♦♦◊

Everything was so divine that I wolfed them down. Especially the Kani side salad.

FYI: Kani is crab in English.

This bento comes with one free drink (Lipton Ice Tea) and free soup refill (one).

A sneaking suspicion got me. If this was scrumptious, what of the other dishes? I’ll probably visit again and try the other heavenly offers. 😉

Tokyo Joe
Tokyo Joe is also known for its mouthwatering gyudon, ramen, and maki.



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