D’ Original Razon’s

As you may know, my country, the Philippines is an archipelago that offers not only breathtaking views of nature but also mouthwatering dishes. What’s more interesting is that in every place you go, you get to taste different flavors of specialties. I currently reside in Cebu, but sorry I’m not gonna talk about our cup of tea here. 😀

Last Sunday, I was with my mom and sis and we came upon a diner that showed off its menu outside claiming that it was the pride of Pampanga. I’ve never been to Pampanga, though. Howbeit, I’ve heard that it’s known for appetizing eats. Hence, we gave it a try!

D' Original Razon's
Chopsuey Ala Carte [PHP168.00]
I was in the mood for veggies so I ordered this one. It came with a cup of rice, Pancit Bihon, soup, a piece of brownie, and a glass of ice tea. It was like a meal for 2. LOL I must say it was the best Chopsuey I’ve ever had. The photo may not clearly show it but it wasn’t greasy at all, creamy instead. The Pancit Bihon gave me a different kind of savor. The good thing was, it didn’t have any meat but all veggies and liver.

D' Original Razon's
Brownie, baby! ^_^

Oh so good that I wanted to ask for more! 😀 I could taste something like dark chocolate. 👍

D' Original Razon's
Burger Steak [PHP96.00]
My sis had this and she was so satisfied with its flavor. It wasn’t repulsive at all.

D' Original Razon's
Mega Halo-halo [PHP110.00] [Good for 4]
Of course, we didn’t miss out on their bestseller! The pride of Pampanga! Unlike any other Halo-halos I’ve had so farthis one had a little portion of shaved ice but plenty of the other ingredients.

Take a look at the menu (2 pages only)..

Our dining experience was worth the price! 👍👍

We had to buy their Cashew nuts as they were tempting! 😀

D' Original Razon's
Roasted Cashew Nuts [PHP288.00]
Visit D’ Original Razon’s at JCentre Mall, 2nd flr.



*This is not a paid post.*

Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Wondering wanderer | Chocolate addict

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  1. I think I’m going to buy one after reading your post. Razon’s halo-halo is one of the best here in Pampanga. 🙂


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