Gangnam Tteokbokki

As far as me being a foodie, I always make it to a point to indulge myself in anything that catches my heed. When my pocket says “yes”, then I’d definitely give it a go.

It’d be a pleasure to share my discovery!

It would have been great if this place was in Gangnam, but this was just somewhere in Cebu. 😀 Last Sunday, mom and lil’ sis were with me going to church. For us, Sunday is church and pigging out day! And it’s always a little pain in the back to answer this “Where are we gonna have lunch?” 😀 15~20 minutes away from our church, a nice spacious type of shopping mall is located.

Explore JCentre Mall!

165 A.S. Fortuna Street, Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, 6014

As we strolled on the first floor, one small food shop caught my eyes. Probably it was because of the name. Gangnam Tteokbokki! I so love Korean food! As you may know, tteokbokki (Korean: 떡볶이) is a popular Korean snack food and it’s one of my favorite Korean foods. I was with the ladies who can’t tolerate hot and spicy dishes so I didn’t give in to the thought of ordering it for us. Instead, we brought these to our table:

Odeng [PHP35.00]
Odeng soup
This came along Odeng.^^

Kimbap [PHP120.00]
Bibimbap [PHP150.00]
Kimchi!! My love!! 😀 [PHP50.00 = Large]
Coffee Ore
Kape Ore (Coffee Flavored Ice Bar) [PHP50.00] 
To be honest, they didn’t surprise me anymore because my expectation was met. As you can see, the prices are so affordable so don’t expect the authentic flavor of Korean cuisine. Nevertheless, you can still get to taste the Korean savor in their creative way of cooking. If they’d remain to offer good food and charge inexpensive prices, they’d find their way to popularity. 😀


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Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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  1. How cool to have discovered your blog. I was just thinking that I need to try new foods. We don’t have those dishes in my small Canadian city, but my grocery store is advertising Dragon Fruit, something that makes me go “What on earth is that?” everytime I see it. Tomorrow I will get up the nerve to try it.


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