Registration of Marriage in Korea for Korean Filipino Couples

As soon as you get a copy of your marriage certificate in SECPA from the NSO, you might as well register your marriage in your Korean spouse’s country ASAP. 


  1. City Hall in South Korea
  2. Korean embassies (if your husband lives abroad)

Since my husband lives in Japan, he could have done this in the embassy of Korea in Japan but the consul advised him to send the papers directly to the City Hall in his town. Another suggestion was to register our marriage in the Korean embassy in the Philippines. My husband chose the first one.


  1. Original copy of marriage certificate (from the NSO)
  2. Application form (My husband got one from the consul. Your seals should both appear in it. See images below.)
  3. Korean translation of your marriage certificate (You can get the format from the Korean embassy website. See the image below.)
  4. Photocopy of passports of both spouses
Marriage Certificate translated in Korean
*For #3*

The processing in Korea usually takes 3 days and it’s gratis. Once it’s done, your Korean spouse will be able to get a copy of his/her Korean marriage certificate which will be needed for further transactions. One of which is when registering your marriage in the country where he/she currently lives. Only if your spouse lives abroad.

Questions and clarifications are all welcome here!

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50 thoughts on “Registration of Marriage in Korea for Korean Filipino Couples

  1. Hi there, we registered our maariage in Korea without a Marriage certificate from NSO, coz we aren’t married yet. Does this mean we are married in Korea but not in the Philippines?

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      1. We were there in September, and also coming back again this November. We registered our marriage together with the birth of our son. We submitted some documents, and after a few days, my husband received the document that I have already been registered as his wife as well as our son.

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  2. Hi sheryl, congrats on your wedding i just have a question tho about the seals? Do i really need those seals from me and my husband to register our marriage in kore from the korean embassy here in pi? Cant we just sign the papers? Does my seal need to beade in korea? Or can i make one from here in pi?

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  3. Hello Sis! My husband and I just got married a week back, I was wondering if we can register our marriage in Korea by using a SECPA marriage cert? Or do we need the authenticated NSO one? thanks sis!


    1. Hello, Mrs. Jeong! I think SECPA is that one from the NSO. You can get it after 1~2 months from the day you report your marriage to NSO. 🙂
      Congratulations! Best wishes! ❤️


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