NSO Electronic Endorsement of Marriage in Cebu

Once you’re done with the registration, you may choose to let the LCR endorse your marriage to the Philippine Statistics Authority manually or electronically. What’s the difference? Manual endorsement usually takes 2 months for you to get your marriage certificate in security paper (SECPA), while electronic endorsement only takes a month or less than a month. I got ours 21 days after my transaction with the LCR. They actually told me I would be able to get one after a month, but I had this feeling to try getting one 3 weeks later. And thank God I got it a week earlier! 😉

How to do it?

Simple! Just go to the LCR’s office where you registered your marriage and ask the registrar officer to do the electronic endorsement. You will be given instructions. Prepare Php250 for the processing fee. The registrar officer will ask you to come back to get the endorsement file copy. You will need it when you wish to go to the PSA’s office and inquire about the availability of your authenticated marriage certificate (from NSO).

Author: Sheryl Gim

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  1. Hi there, this is helpful. My mom’s LCR is from Ozamiz city but my mom is based in Cebu. We asked someone from Ozamiz to obtain my mom’s live birth , we manage to get it and it was sent in Cebu to my mom’s house via courier. Now, my mom got the Live birth from Ozamiz LCR. Can she go to Cebu LCR to make an electronic endorsement of her live birth to PSA?

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        1. It’s usually the city LCR’s (where you registered your birth) job to do the endorsement, electronic or not. In that case, I don’t know if the Cebu LCR will do it for you. I suggest you go there personally to ask (after the pandemic is over).


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