How to Register your Marriage in the Philippines

After your wedding ceremony, one should immediately go to the Local Civil Registrar’s office to have your marriage registered. You don’t want a delayed registration. Go to the nearest LCR’s office where your wedding was held. Like in our case, I live in Mandaue City but our wedding took place somewhere in Cebu City. Thus, I had to register our marriage in Cebu City LCR’s office. It could be done by one of the couple or the one who solemnized the marriage a day after the wedding ceremony. Here are the documents to be submitted:

  1. Certificate of Marriage (given by the person who solemnized your marriage, 4 forms)
  2. Letter of Request (the duly notarized letter that you gave to the one who solemnized your marriage, 2 copies)
  3. 1 photocopy of the solemnizer’s license


  1. Be extra careful when filling out the forms prior to the wedding day. Should be typewritten. Check the spelling of the details. Don’t leave any blank spaces. Just type N/A if it’s not applicable to you. (Certificate of Marriage)
  2. Prepare Php20 for the solemnization fee at the LCR’s office.
  3. You will be asked to come back for your personal copies of the Certificate of Marriage. 2 original forms will be returned to you including the photocopy of the solemnizer’s license.
  4. They will be the one to endorse it to NSO. Your NSO Marriage Contract will be available after 2 months. (Ordinary Endorsement)

Should you have any clarifications, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me through my Facebook for immediate response.

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8 thoughts on “How to Register your Marriage in the Philippines

  1. kailangan na po ba mairegister ng asawa ko yung kasal namin bago po ako magpaappointment sa cfo. o pwede po Nya I register pag nandoon na po ako?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Iregister po muna. Dapat din po may marriage certificate na.


  2. Hi Ms. Sheryl,

    Just want to ask you about the documents from my fiancee, do we need to translate in english all his documents? and for this CFO.

    Ms. Sheryl hope I can talk to you personally as I have a lot of questions on the papers preparation as both of us are not in the Philippines. both are trying to organize papers separately and my husband to be is now confused what are the original documents he needs to acquire in korea and bring it in the Philippines. I told him to bring all necessary original documents he has to make it sure.

    your help is really highly appreciated.

    by the way we plan to get married on March, so we are trying to arrange all documents now.

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    1. Hi there! Sorry for the late response. Please send me a message on Messenger (Sheryl Gim). Thanks!

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  3. How many months po did u processed all the requirements and until nakasal na kayo?
    We have the same situation po. But I’m about to start all these requirements ya following your post po. 😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi po! Mga 3 months po ata yun.
      Good bless po sa inyo! 🙂


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