Civil/Church Wedding Requirements for Korean Filipino Couples

Now that you’re reading this, I suppose you’ve claimed your marriage license. Let me congratulate you on that! What’s next? Well, it’s about time for you to decide how you’d like your marriage to be solemnized. Be it a church wedding or a civil one, it’s all up to your utmost convenience and desire. Just be sure that the one who’ll solemnize the wedding has the authority to do so. If you prefer the Roman Catholic way, please contact your chosen church for the requirements. For the civil wedding to be solemnized by the mayor or any judge (Hall of Justice) of the Filipino partner’s town, here are the things to be submitted:
NOTE: All documents must be original.

  1. Marriage License
    For Filipino:
  2. NSO Birth Certificate
  4. Sworn Statement of Parents’ Consent (for below 25 years old)
  5. Advice Upon Intended Marriage (for below 25 years old)
  6. Pre-marriage Counseling Certificate
  7. Barangay Certification

For Foreigner:

  1. Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage
  2. Divorce Decree (if divorced)
  3. Passport
  4. CENOMAR (from NSO)

For Annulled Marriages:

  1. Marriage Certificate issued from NSO with annotation null and void.

For Marriage Under Article 34:
(Living together for the past 5 years & above)

  1. NSO Birth Certificate
  3. Affidavit of Co-habitation (duly notarized)
  4. NSO Birth Certificate of the eldest child (if applicable)
  5. Barangay Certification
    (Both applicants must be 26 years old and above to qualify for Marriage Under Article 34.)
    Visit the City Hall or Hall of Justice for further details.

Since I’m not a Roman Catholic and I belong to the Church of Christ denomination, Dohyoung and I agreed to have our wedding solemnized by one of our church ministers who is lawfully licensed. I wanted our wedding to be simple, private, and most of all, acknowledged by God. I am just so blessed to say that my husband, who is a non-believer isn’t against my Christian rights.

Here are the documents we handed in:

  1. Letter of Request (requesting the minister to solemnize the wedding, duly notarized)
  2. Marriage License

Best wishes lovebirds!

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