Exploring Bohol

They say traveling with your SO gives both of you the chance to know each other more. I believe it’s true! Not only that but you get to learn new things together which makes your relationship exciting.

3 months ago, Dohyoung and I decided to go on a short trip instead of just staying in my hometown. It was our 4th meeting so I thought it was fine to go with him. Besides, I wanted to show him how beautiful Bohol is. Travel buds as we are, the not-so-good weather didn’t keep us from exploring this historical island. Since it was just a 3-day trip, we only chose the places and things that we could do without needing lots of time. Here they are:

Meeting the world’s smallest primates

~the Philippine Tarsier~
~the Philippine Tarsier~

This should be the very first thing you do there! 😉

Dining in on a floating restaurant

~Loboc floating restaurant~
~Loboc floating restaurant~

Immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature, soothing wind, relaxing music, and of course..good Filipino dishes.

~ a few of the food we had ~
~ a few of the food we had ~

I was glad that he liked all of them! ^_^ Here’s the unedited video of this experience. Click here.

Visiting a significant spot

~Blood Compact Statue~
~Blood Compact Statue~

“The earliest significant contact of the island with Spain occurred in 1565. On March 25 (March 16 in the Julian Calendar), a Spanish explorer named Miguel López de Legazpi arrived in Bohol seeking spices and gold. After convincing the native chieftains that they were not Portuguese (who raided the islands of Mactan in 1521), Legazpi made a peace pact with Datu Sikatuna. This pact was signified with a blood compact between the two men.[14] This event, called the Sandugo (“one blood”), is celebrated in Bohol every year during the Sandugo Festival. The Sandugo or blood compact is also depicted on Bohol’s provincial flag and the Bohol provincial seal .” —–Wikipedia

Seeing pythons

~ protecting its eggs ~
~ protecting its eggs ~

I supposed to show him the named largest python in captivity in the world, Prony. Unfortunately, it died last year and is preserved here. But this one is Prony’s sister as the owner says. 😀 It’s large though!


~ Don't miss this! ~
~ Don’t miss this! ~

You can watch the video here. If you want to see the Chocolate Hills with a twist, you should do this. I’ve been to Bohol a few times but I’ve never tried doing this one. Not until I met Dohyoung who is kind of adventurous and the only person who has encouraged me to do things I didn’t expect to be fun. We spent the rest of our time there walking and going to the movies which are actually the things we enjoy doing the most. ^_^

There you have them folks! You can check out more of our photos on my Facebook. How was your trip to Bohol? I’d love to hear it. 🙂

(c) Thoughts of Sheryl

25 thoughts on “Exploring Bohol

  1. I went to Bohol for a couple of times. It’s a nice island. I saw the phyton too:–) And managed to catch a glance of a tarsier. In the end I got a bit fed up of the Loboc river trip. Finally, I didn’t miss out the chocolate hills. Thank you for the historical description.


  2. Oh gosh i miss Bohol, so many good memories on that place. Although i’ve been there several times, every visit is always memorable. Thanks for sharing this. Made me smile.


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