First glimpse abroad: Hong Kong

Waiting for him~
Waiting for him~

Finally, the time came for me and my guy to meet again after a month. This time it’s something special. It’s always been a dream to me to go abroad alone or with that special person. Without a doubt, dreams do come true. Be it you or through another soul. I am not lucky but so blessed to have him. I am forever grateful to the Almighty for giving me this guy.

First off, thinking about going through Immigration gave me a pang of anxiety. I’ve heard and read a few successful and failed stories about it. Hat tip to my fellow bloggers here for shedding the light when all I see was total darkness of not knowing anything about it. Following were the things I prepared aside from my passport:

  • Itinerary receipt (mine and his **as he was flying from Japan**) (If we have the same case. You only need to show the other person’s IR when you’re asked if you’re meeting someone in your destination.)
  • Our itinerary in Hong Kong
  • Copy of the confirmed hotel reservation (NOTE: This was under his name so I was immediately ensued to the second screening. Below were the copies I provided the Immigration officers.)
  • His letter stating that we’re staying at the same hotel.
  • His passport with the Philippine stamps in case if asked. (Indeed I was asked if we have met already and I showed them photos of his passport with the PH stamps.)
  • His residence card in Japan. ( I was asked why he’s in Japan.)

Fortunately, the officer who conducted the screening was amiable. Different to what I was imagining. He even cracked jokes on me but still with that serious face. Thank God I was able to compose myself well. Well, I didn’t have to panic ’cause I was telling them nothing but the truth. After asking me a few personal questions, I was told to go back to the officer by the first screening window. Immediately, he stamped my passport and told me to go. From that very second, I couldn’t contain myself and I could feel my eyes got teary. Excuse my being so dramatic! 😀

Time to fly and meet my superman!!!! [08/12/2015~ 6:20am]

Let me just briefly share how we spent our 3 days and 4 nights in Hong Kong. 🙂


Had a simple but tasty dinner at a local restaurant…

Braised beef noodles~ So love it!
Braised beef noodles~
So love it!
Chinese fried rice My instant favorite!
Chinese fried rice
My instant favorite!

Strolled our way to Victoria Harbour and tried to catch the Symphony of Lights..

Mesmerizing lights~
Mesmerizing lights~


Guess where to? Disneyland it is baby!! ^_^

Train to Disneyland~ Mickey here we come!!!
Train to Disneyland~
Mickey here we come!!!

Welcome to Disneyland!!

A dream come true!^_^
A dream come true!^_^

As much as we could we walked around this huge wonderland and tried the rides. I felt like a child who first had a taste of lollipop. Everything was so overwhelming! Not to mention sharing the same feeling with someone you love.

The Flying Elephants~
The Flying Elephants~

Had so much fun! Went back to the hotel with all smiles in our hearts! ❤


Next? Ocean Park! Where we immersed ourselves into the marine world and cute pandas on the side. 😉

It drizzled but we didn't mind. :D
It drizzled but we didn’t mind. 😀
the old Hong Kong way~
the old Hong Kong way~
Plunged ourselves in the magical marine world~
Plunged ourselves in the magical marine world~

That day, I was engrossed in the beauty of sea creatures. I’ve come to appreciate nature more. Another thing, it was my very first time to see those different species up close. The pandas? Oh so cute! (Check my photos on Facebook.)


Side trip to Macaaaaaau! (^_^)

This charming place welcomed us with tall buildings, calm environment, relaxing weather and everything nice in between.

Tulip Square~
Tulip Square~

If given another chance, I’d definitely go back there and see myself awed again. The next day, we were off to go our separate ways once again. But then again, we had that beautiful goodbye. ❤

For more of our photos, click here. Or kindly add me up on Facebook and let’s be friends! 🙂 Wait up for our videos.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget, DREAMS DO COME TRUE! 😉

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  1. Hi Sheryl, Thank you so much for liking my first post on my blog (hakkanotogame). I was in Hong Kong earlier this year too and I had a great time. I have some HK pictures on my photography website if you are interested (

    Nice to see your blog.



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