Solo Travelling: Bacolod City

Solo travelling isn’t new these days not even in the history. Ya’ll know that! 😀 Even in my country I see a lot of solo backpackers of different nationals. Such people leave me curious. Like I asked myself once, “How can they enjoy the trip when they’re all alone?” “Are they loners? Not cool!” “What can they get from travelling solo?”

Never did I understand them until I for one went travelling solo. Last month, something lighted up the candle of courage deep within me which made me decide to fly solo. I want to discover myself. I want to know what I can do and cannot. I want to reassure the things that are beyond my control. However, I am sure that I am NOT lonely, okay? Haha. I randomly picked Bacolod City. Did some research. Just so you know, I did this trip for a day. Yeah, you read it right!

Fasten your seat belt! Let’s go!!

  • July 23, ETA 6:50AM, touchdown the new Bacolod-Silay International Airport Take a look at how this city welcomed me..
The greenish welcome!^^
The greenish welcome!^^

Welcome to the City of Smiles!!!

  • Since it was too early for me to check into the hotel, I walked around the vicinity and found 7/11. Munched something. So hungry and sleepy then! Was it just me or time just stopped for me to savor the moment? Tick-tock-tick-tock! Out of the blue, I got on my feet and left 7/11. Then I saw a kind of transportation that reminded me of Cebu. Called the teen driver and asked him to take me to their park.

CYMERA_20150727_144102What surprised me was the amount of respect they get from the non-cycle rickshaw drivers. Don’t be surprised when you see eyes all on you. 😀 This kid rendered a good service except for the bumps and humps. 😀

  • After a few minutes, I set foot in Bacolod Public Plaza. Again, all eyes were on me. They must have identified me as a tourist. Some just stared, while some showed me their warmest smiles. Some even said hi! Waaah~ such friendly people. ♥

CYMERA_20150727_144955Across the park is an old church which I am sure is one of their prides. Pardon me I didn’t ask him the name of this church.

This is just one of the churches here.
This is just one of the churches here.
  • After experiencing the local park strolling, I asked him to take me to SM Bacolod where I bought some water and something to eat later. Oh~ my bad! I forgot to take a photo of it. 😀
    • The time came for me to check in. See how spacious this room for a lone traveler!
      ..the Luxur Place hotel..
      ..the Luxur Place hotel..

      For inquiries, click here.

      The room was tempting me to doze off which I couldn’t resist. Time to catch some sleep! zzzZZZ

  • As soon as I woke up, took a shower then headed right to the door. I decided to go around downtown on a cycle rickshaw again since I am not confident with my ability to remember directions.Jeepneys and taxis are everywhere though. I saw some restaurants of different types. But my sight caught this one.
    ~Spicy Spare Ribs (bestseller here)~
    ~Spicy Spare Ribs (bestseller here)~

    Not a fancy one but the food was just right to my taste. Good staff and affordable prices!

  • Next thing, I walked around looking for souvenir or “pasalubong” (gift) shops. Take note, Filipinos can’t deny this custom. When one travels away from home, expect the “pasalubong”! Be it food or things. Look what I got!
    The top most left one is my favorite. I like its sticky thingy.^^
    The top most left one is my favorite. I like its sticky thingy.^^

    Hail the Bacolod delicacies!

    Witnessed the busy streets at night.
    Witnessed the busy streets at night.

Went back to the hotel and let myself fell into a deep sleep for tomorrow’s finale! zzzZZ

  • Got up early to check out and called the same cycle rickshaw young driver to take me to the bus station going to Mambukal where the popular Mambukal resort lies.
    The cool mountain breeze touched my face.^^
    The cool mountain breeze touched my face.^^

    Arrived here around 12. I had no idea which way to go since the information clerk couldn’t give me the free map anymore. She said they ran out of it, but told me about the volunteer tour guides within the resort. I tell you, the resort is too huge to explore it for like 2 hours. I had to get back downtown in 2 hours to fly back home. Fortunately, one young-looking guy approached me and introduced himself as one of the certified tour guides there. I didn’t get the feeling of fear. He was warm and easygoing. On his motorbike, we drove to these beautiful areas in the resort.

  • The Butterfly Garden

    Get acquainted with the different species of butterflies.
    Got acquainted with the different species of butterflies.
  • The Boating Lagoon

    I wanted to try boating but time didn't permit. :(
    I wanted to try boating but time didn’t permit. 😦
  • The Hot Spring

    The favorite spot of the Korean and Japanese tourists.^^V
    The favorite spot of the Korean and Japanese tourists.^^V
  • The Sulfur Water
    Dangerous zone! You don't want to get boiled alive here. :D Careful! ;)
    Dangerous zone! You don’t want to get boiled alive here. 😀 Careful! 😉

    [I’m sorry but I reached the limit of media to be uploaded.  As WordPress said. 😦 I suddenly couldn’t upload the next photos. Please bear with me. I’ll just insert the links (Facebook) of the photos. Just click on the names. Thank you! ♥]

  • The Bat Watching Zone
  • The Hanging Bridge

Finally, the highlight of this trip…

Trekking my way to see the waterfalls! This resort is known for its 7 levels of waterfalls. I didn’t have the proper attire for trekking but I didn’t mind. I really wanted to see the beauty of nature.

Photo of the way to the falls~

~Thanks to my tour guide who didn’t treat me like a princess. I did it on the strength and pace of my own. ^_^

Photo of the first falls~

~Because of time and energy constraint, I decided to end my adventure there. I might be going back there to see the rest of the falls.

I am so grateful to have experienced this in my 24 years of existence. Definitely, this isn’t the first and last! I won’t stop exploring the beauty of life. Indeed, Bacolod deserves the name the City of Smiles. It’s not because the local wear that smile you want to see but it’s how they make you smile thinking about how they treat you well.^_^

What I’ve learned from this?

Well, solo travelling isn’t boring at all! The people who you meet along your trip make you feel not alone. You learn from them and in return you influence them. The most important thing I’ve realized is that, you will not be able to understand yourself deeply if you just stay in your comfort zone. Go out and explore alone! And you’ll see how well you do even when you do not know anyone around you, not familiar with the place, and do not speak their language. Fly high and freely like a bird! But then again, never ever forget to go back to the branch where you first spread your wings. ^_^

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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      1. The Philippines is a great country. I know I would love it. With time God will give me the money or ticket to come. May be you can arrange for me to come and do some presentations on Africa (in schools,universites or groups or the general public) so that those interested may know more about this part of the world. Can there be any organization that can fund such a project? May be it’s time to explore. These are ‘wandering thoughts’ in my mind; and that is where great projects begin?


        1. Sounds great! There must be but I have no idea how to find them. If there’s something I can help you with, I’d love to tell you about it. 🙂


  2. Hey thanks for liking my Vienna photos post. I absolutely love the aesthetic you’ve got going on with this blog, the background photo and dark grey work really well together. I’m heading out on my first big solo trip next week so it’s good to read that there are others doing the same thing :-). Keep up the good work.

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