Rescued me..

Last time I talked about my missed flight to Jeju. I must say that I went through hell. My world did fall apart. One dream was shattered and its tiny pieces were nowhere to be found. Shed a bucket of tears. Melodramatic as it may sound to you but who cares? This is me. A good actress! LOL! Kidding aside, I can no longer pen the feelings that were brought to me by that, say, blue experience. It almost ate up the whole positivity of me. I’ve always been an optimistic kind of girl. With the help of the “cheer up” chats of my ever supportive mom, I gradually brought my spirits up again.

To be honest, I was in despair for losing the chance, that very first turn to go to the place I’ve always wanted to see. It would be so hypocrite of me if I’d say “Yes, I’m fine. I’m not sad of not being able to go to Jeju. I didn’t foot the bill for that trip anyway.” But it’s not all about the money! My boyfriend planned everything. From the hotel, places we would have visited, to the local foods that we could have devoured. I did contribute a list. We could have enjoyed a ride. What else is more beautiful than enjoying a cool ride with that someone you love? Like that of a romantic Korean movie. (eyes with hearts emoticon) He wanted it special and I wanted it memorable because of him.

What’s more devastating was having the thought of not being able to be with him again. That was supposed to be our third meeting which could have been more than special. That part made my vulnerable heart broken. My mom got my spirits up and yet I still had that incomplete sense. I was too depressed to go back home that day (April 1, 2015). My guy kept bucking me up and that it was fine by him. He wanted me to book a flight back home that same day. I insisted not to do it. He chatted me a lot that day while I was in my hotel room drowning myself to tears. Cried like a hungry baby that would only stop when being fed. The pain was just unbearable. A broken dream and a lost moment to be with my man were both shot at me. Bull’s-eye! Being not bulletproof, there I was shot drop dead!

“How cruel the universe is!” I said on my mind as I cried in so much pain. See how pathetic I was? LOL!

After few moments of drama, my boyfriend suddenly chatted me. Taken aback by his message, I replied with “What? Really?” So he phoned me and confirmed that he was coming to see me the next day. My heart jumped in glee. I was then back to life!

The moment we met at the the airport, we walked our paths to each other and without any words, we hugged and kissed. I lost myself and found us in the world of our own.

“My superman has come and rescued me.”, my heart said as we hailed a cab and went to our magical world…

at the Mall of Asia, Manila ..^_^
at the Mall of Asia, Manila ..^_^

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