My balloon has been taken away!

Hey guys! Pardon me for taking some time to update this humble blog of mine. Was so busy with work and some preparation for something so special. Did I mention that my boyfried came here last February? Yes, he did! And it was lovely! He stayed here for 3 days. It was our second meeting and it felt like the first time. Still got butterflies! Our third meeting was supposed to be so special. My boyfie decided to take me to the island of my dream..Jeju island! So I finally had the reason to get a passport then. I was so excited that I lost track of the days. Counting down became a habit. I didn’t have any wishful thinking as I believed that my dream will come to reality.

2 days before my flight, I was all set! Though I had to fly solo, I got the courage because I knew we could meet in the fascinating place of Jeju.

April 1, 2015..1:55am to Manila (via Tiger Airways Philippines). My flight from my hometown (Cebu) was delayed for an hour and 15 minutes. I didn’t bother waiting as I was thinking that I could still make it since my flight from Manila to Jeju was at 4:55am on the same day. However, I got the feeling of uneasiness. The plane landed at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) around 3:55am. I walked all the way to the entrance and asked how to get to Terminal 1 in no time. I was told to get a cab and there I started to get anxious. There were drums beating in my heart so loud that I could hear them. I made it to Terminal 1 in round 5 minutes. There I sensed that the check-in counter for Jeju passengers (China Eastern Airlines) was already closed. I saw the big clock prompted 4:10am. It was actually closed at 3:55am. My body was starting to shake. Got chills!

I saw a light of hope when I saw the two check-in clerks still sitting there and doing something. Without a doubt, I rushed to them and told them about my delayed flight. Of course they refused. I begged, they said no. Still I begged, got a no. Lastly, I begged with teary eyes and told them I didn’t have a place to stay there. One of them happens to be the supervisor. She suddenly used a walkie-talkie and talked to someone on the other line. They used their jargon which I couldn’t conceive. After a moment , she declared to accept me but told me to do things in a rush. It put a smile on my face but still I was jittery. Somebody was sent to assist me. I felt a bit relieved as it was my first time and I wasn’t so familiar with everything. One thing that made me dubious was the Immigration didn’t bother to check me out. In other words, I just passed through the Immigration. I was like “What the? Okay, so I’m free to go? Thanks!” We then hurried down to the boarding area. People on their uniforms seemed busy and one of them was shouting “Hurry! Hurry!”

I was checked and they found out that my passport had no stamp. Everybody was asking me how and why it happened. All I could say was “I don’t know!” Nobody entertained me at the Immigration. My bad, I was too naive. The one who assisted me even attested to it. So she told them we would just go back but someone said it would be too late. They couldn’t afford to pay for the delayed seconds. I was losing hope. Was losing my grip to my balloon of happiness. I pleaded and yet they gave me a big NO. So it was the end of it! My dream has yet remained a dream.

How could such dramatic thing happened to me? Who was to blame? Should I abhor all of them? I felt like a child whose balloon was taken away from her. I drowned myself to tears. Will I ever get to that place someday? Or this dream will always be a dream?

What am I gonna do with this? >_<
What am I gonna do with this? >_<

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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