When you have that gap..

Holding hands while walking, PDA, love quotes on Facebook or Twitter, exchanging affections on Messenger/ Line/ Kakaotalk, late night calls…

These are just a few of the many amorous doings of loveydoveys out there. To some these are so corny that they don’t bother doing them at all. Hey! Not me. I want to do those things and beyond. I want the world to know that my guy and I are doing just fine despite the age difference that we have to the extent of posting our photos with love notes on Facebook almost every day. It makes me happy doing it and I even become happier when I get a lot of thumbs up. It boosts my confidence of having this special relationship with him. As they say, this isn’t rare these days. We aren’t the only ones having this. So posting almost everything about us on Facebook is just another way of showing my love for him and at least inspire others. That’s where my being childish comes in. I get so upset that I am the only one doing the posting. It makes me think that I am the only one who is so proud of him. My transparency is taking me over which leads us to have some falling -out. Then I tend not talk to him anymore which is totally wrong. After some time, I’ve figured out a few things from our kiss and make ups. I thought it’s worth sharing.

1. How old is he?

This! I sometimes forget that my guy isn’t a teenager anymore. Remember, men of different ages are of different personalities and perspectives in life. To younger ones, doing a certain thing may be unlikely for the adult ones. Their way of thinking is totally different. So as my way of thinking. However, I’ve learned that total understanding is the key. And I’m sorting things out now.

2. Why don’t you post on Facebook?!!

Ahem! *coughs* Did I ask him that? Certainly yes! How childish! Hello? Your guy has a lot of things to do and think about his work. Facebook is out of his routine. It’s a good thing that he knows you are doing that posting and it definitely makes him happy but don’t dare tell him to do it too. It’s not just his thing and absolutely not one of his priorities. Also, your guy must be a private person. Sharing his private life doesn’t give him any pleasure. One thing, posting on Facebook is not always a guarantee that love is true. *winks*

3. Thou shall not compare.

I thought when a man loves you, he should do things as any other guys do to their ladies. To be honest, I turn into a green-eyed monster when I see posts of guys showing how much they love their ladies on Facebook. (Yeah, you read it right! Facebook is my second world.) Never say that kind of thing to your guy. He has his own way of showing how much you mean to him. Everyone’s unique, right? Making him do what other guys do is without doubt a poison. Better get rid of comparison.

4. Keep an open mind.

When you learn to know his age, you likely learn to accept all of him. You get surprised how different he is from you. Your level of understanding is way far from his. His views in life are far beyond your imagination. You think of what you post on Facebook, while he thinks of how you guys get to be closer especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. (And yes we are!) You think of your job as your resource to make a living so you can go shopping, travel and the like but his job gives him life and helps him build a good future for him and his family when he decides to settle down. Knowing that, be patient when he can’t always respond to your messages. Understand him when you get late responses. Lastly, don’t just open your mind but also your heart. Both should go together in understanding your guy.

5. Forget about your gap.

You already have the other gaps, like your distance, your different cultures, backgrounds and all those not-so-worthy things to worry about. Better not put too much heat on the water’s already burning. It might bomb on your relationship. Your age gap? Who cares? Shake it off! In the end, what matters most is you both love each other. Know that in love, age doesn’t matter at all.

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

10 thoughts

  1. Well, this is very interesting. I think that if these kind of affections are important to you, you should let your partner know that it is. Sometimes I think we just think that the other part will guess but saying that this is something that makes me happy and makes me feel loved is very important. And yes, we are so different and we find that different things matter to us. But if you know that something will make your partner happy and feel extra loved then I think most of us will happily do this.

    And… Thank you for checking my website and liking my posts!

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    1. everything you said was on point. super relate! i’m trying to be open-minded and understanding but sometimes I really want to scream ‘notice me, senpai!’ 😅


        1. He’s a Japanese. I’m still learning how to ‘communicate’ with him. he tells me what he does, but once he’s there. he can go on days without talking to me. I know he’s busy. but still text me. hahaha


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